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Getting a massage during Covid-19

We all have had to adjust to a new way of life since March. Oddly enough, our industry didn't have to adjust that much. The only added procedures is cleaning bathrooms, door knobs, chairs and wearing masks. We as an industry have an obligation to keep our environment clean and sanitized. It is a part of our laws. We do it on a regular basis anyway. 

How safe are you getting a massage?  By the time you show up for your appointment, there is not a surface that has not been saturated with a high powered disinfectant and wiped clean. We stagger the appointments so the only person you see is your therapist. The likelihood of spread is very low. Your therapist is required to wear a mask the whole time and everyone entering including staff, must pass covid questioning and temp check.

Why is getting a massage important during this time? Stress! We are all stressed. Our posture is getting worse by the day because of the amount of time we are on Zoom meetings or just flat out sitting. We have become less active which means we are not getting blood flowing and stretching those muscles. We need physical stimulation on a daily basis to keep the body healthy.

It is like covid has caused many to decide to stop working on staying healthy in the fear that you may get sick. I get it. I was on the same path. I had my mid-afternoon margarita everyday and I watched my waistline grow. Finally I had enough and started running and stretching and having coffee instead. The benefit that I have, is the knowledge to get fit and stay relaxed. I know how to do that for myself but you may not know how or what to do. That is why we are here to help even during a pandemic. We don't want Covid as much as you don't want Covid, however we still want to help people during this trying time.  If you are interested in getting help contact us at 628-200-9817 or just book online at .

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