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Hydration and Rotator Cuff

Drink more water!!!!

I like to write about what I see in the clinic on weekly basis. That way it feels more relevant to what is going on out there. The two main things that I have seen over the last 3 weeks or so is an increase in hydration related injuries (cramps, muscle spasms, general lethargy, weakness and whole body muscular tightness). This is being brought out because of the increased humidity that North Texans are not used to. To learn more about us visit or visit our Online Schedule and come on in

The above image gives you basic understanding of how much water you should be getting. Using myself as the example: I weigh 220lbs. Slash that in half and you have 110lbs. Now the equation is 110 / 8 = 13.75 cups per day. However, since I am active outside, that requirement is actually higher than that. For the purpose of this post, just try and get the basic amount of water. Your body will start to feel so much better just by getting more water.

On to the shoulder!

If your above the age 35ish, you have undoubted heard of the rotator cuff. It is one of the worst muscular injuries to heal. There is no more frustrating rehab then doing rotator cuff rehab. Mainly because it takes so long and we are impatient. The two stretches that I will put here, will help ensure flexibility of the Rotator Cuff and greatly reduce the likelyhood of injury.

The first and most important stretch is the Sleeper Stretch (internal rotation of the shoulder).

The position for this stretch is to have your arm extended out 90 degrees from the body and elbow bent 90 degrees as well. In this position, "GENTLY" push your hand to the bed or floor. Only push to the point of slight tension. Hold for 30 second to a minute and do this daily for the rest of your life. If your hand touches the bed, Your rotator cuff is in great shape. If not, keep working at it and it will.

External Rotation of the shoulder.

I use a broom stick at home to help me with this one. You can do this on your bed at home. Same protocal as the sleeper stretch but you just need to keep your elbow tucked into your side. Just hold this for 30-60 seconds everyday.

Please remember we are always here to help.

To learn more about us visit or

Visit our Online Schedule and come on in

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