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Pain in the Neck

There are a lot of reason we get this pain in our neck.

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It could be Arthritis. It could be Facet Joint irritation. It could be a disc issue or posture. Most of this you think it will go away. At Hadl Clinical Bodywork we address the issues that don't go away. To day we will address NERVE irritation.

Signs and Symptoms:

The obvious ones- Numbness and/or Tingling down the arm/ leg or in the face. These are classic signals to tell you the nerve is pinched.

The less obvious ones- Burning pain all the way down the extremity. Single spot burning in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, behind the knee in the hip/ glute. Out of the ordinary weakness. Tightness in those areas that does not go away not matter how much you stretch!

Simple Fix- Provided that you do not have extensive arthritis or a large disc issue: NERVE GLIDES.

Nerve Glides are a staple treatment with your massage at HCB because you must release that Neural Tension, before the muscle will let you stretch it. Failure to do so, will just help that muscle snap back like a tight rubber band. Below you will find the list of Nerve Glides that you can simply look them up on YouTube and follow the instructions. There are 1000's of good videos demonstrating how to do them. I'm not going to add to them.

Ulnar Nerve Glide- Pinkie and ring finger tingling/ shoulder burning

Median Nerve Glide- Middle finger numbness

Radial Nerve Glide- Thumb and Index finger

Sciatic Nerve Glide- back of the Hip, back of the knee, calf, and Plantar fasciitis that won't heal.

Femoral Nerve Glide- Front of the hip, leg and knee.

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