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Releasing lower back pain in 9 minutes

It's no secret, if you know where to push on the muscles, they will relax and give you relief. Today's post is centered on the SI Joint pain that alot you experience on a daily basis.

The majority of your SI joint pain is generated because you cross your legs when you sit. This position tugs on your low back until a shift occurs and you are in mild to excruciating pain. While my staff and I can aleiveate it in a 30 minute session, there are things you can do at home to ensure that it doesn't flair this area up.

  1. Lacross ball in your Glute.

Place the ball as the picture indicates. Find the pain spot and hold for 90 seconds. Do not roll on it. Repeat on the other side.

2. It band ball release:

With the Illiotibial Band, you'll find the trigger points midway between the hip and the Knee. Again, find the pain spot and rest on it for 90 seconds. Make sure the do both sides on all of these.

3. Quad ball release:

Again, this will be midway between the knee and the hip. The only time you "ROLL" on the ball is to find the pain spot. When you find it, rest and relax into the pain for 90 seconds.

After doing this on both sides for a total of 9 minutes, you should feel that bitting pain has subsided. If you need help, you can always book an appointment with one of our Talented Therapists.

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