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Rounded shoulders?.... Sad Sarratus! Read more.

At HCB we enjoy teaching you to better understand the cause of your pain. The Serratus Anterior muscle is often overlooked and underworked in massage, but it plays a crucial role in shoulder movement and stability. At HADL Clinical Bodywork, we specialize in releasing this muscle to alleviate pain and improve shoulder function.

By targeting the serratus anterior, we can help reduce shoulder injuries and enhance overall mobility. This muscle is also indirectly tied to you neck pain. Our tailored approach to releasing this muscle can lead to improved performance in various activities, such as weightlifting, boxing, and even everyday movements like reaching and lifting. You will be surprised at how many trigger points you will have with this muscle.

Don't underestimate the impact of a well-functioning serratus anterior – it's the key to a strong and stable upper body. Contact us today to experience the benefits of releasing the serratus anterior muscle.The serratus anterior muscle is a fan-shaped muscle located at the lateral wall of the thorax. Its primary functions include protracting the scapula, upward rotation of the scapula, and stabilizing the shoulder during arm movements

Strengthening and releasing this muscle can help reduce the risk of shoulder injuries and improve overall shoulder mobility. Massage and specific exercises can be effective in relieving tension and pain in the serratus anterior muscle

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