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Tight Hamstrings? How to loosen your hamstrings

Do you feel the need to stretch your hamstrings all the time?

Do you feel like they never loosen up after having stretched them?

This is something we see on a regular basis at Hadl Clinical Bodywork.

First and foremost, you must hold a stretch for a minimum of 90 seconds for the length of the muscle to start to change and maintain that new length. Any thing less than 90 seconds and it will snap back like a rubber band. Case and point, look at gymnasts, dancer and yogi's. They hold the stretch for a long period of time and thus they become flexible.

Now, do you have a 100% flexibility and still feel tight.? Let me tell you, you don't need to stretch it anymore. Hamstring tightness in a lot of cases is due to weakness in the muscle. what happens with weak hamstrings is that, with activity, the muscle fatigues quickly and gets tight as a result of being under-developed. It can be that simple. Below you will an easy at home hamstring workout to strengthen and loosen up the Hamstrings, Glutes and Lower Back.

  1. Hamstring Bridge ups a. Lay flat on the ground and place your feet either on a ball or the seat of a chair. Make sure the knees are bent 90 degree and try to maintain this 90 degree bend.

b. Lift your pelvis (bottom) up as high as you can and then lower back down slowly. 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down. Repeat 20 times for 2 sets 3 days a week.

*caution: Weak hamstrings will want to cramp when you start this exercise. Push through. the muscle will adapt.

2. Basic Glute Bridges

This exercise is just a great foundational exercise to help stabilize your SI joints and aid in core strengthen.

Lay flat. Bring your feet as close to your bottom as you can. This is the important part Dig your heels into the ground and lift your toes off the ground. This will ensure that you engage your glutes .

Now, lift up and down slowly for 50 reps. You only have to do 1 set of these after you have completed the 2 sets of hamstring bridges. You will find that one set of 50 is more effective at engaging those glute then 2-3 sets of 20.

That is it. You should notice results in as little at 2 weeks. I don't like to overload people with too many exercises. Test it out and let us know if it worked for you.

Visit us if you want us to loosen them up for you


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