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How to accomplish Flexibility like a professional dancer.

Many of us miss the keys to stretching because truth be told, many professionals are not properly educated in it.

Your best examples of how to increase flexibility come from Cheerleaders, Dancers, and Professional Athletes. The only fundimental difference between "you" and them is their commitment to stretching. It is really that simple.

They are not born with it. They gain it overtime with repetition.

Do you say, "I stretch all the time but I'm always tight?" If this is you, than you are not holding your stretch long enough for the muscle to retain that length.

I have 3 keys for people to get more flexible.

1. Find something to read or watch on your phone or TV.

2. Set a 2 minute timer for each stretch.

3. Stretch and hold and distract yourself so it's not so boring until the timer goes off.

Once you have these keys down, I'll will post later about the specifics of stretching. Now you know. Test it out and let us know at

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