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Super Charge your Shoulders: Rotator cuff Exercises

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

For a lot of people, it is just a matter of knowing what to do. That is what this is for. If you are struggling with shoulder pain from Baseball, Pickleball, Tennis, and weight training then this is for you. Below you will find some helpful rotator cuff exercises. You will need bands and Dumbells. If you have questions specific to your needs, email me @

External Rotation Bands- 2 sets 20 reps 3 days a week

You may also do it Bi Laterally to speed up the process like the image below.

Internal Rotation Bands - same as above

Abducted External Rotation Bands - sames as above

Side Lying External rotation dumbbell- 3-5lbs. and same as above pivot at the elbow and pull back.

Basic band row- same

Teres Major straight arm posterior pulls- same

Rear Deltoid ( reverse flies) band - same

Supine, abducted internal rotation dumbbell- same 2-3 lbs rotate up and back keeping your elbow on the ground.

Jobe exercises- same

If you are looking to increase your overall shoulder performance. Some, if not all of these exercises will help. Again everyone is different and you can't believe everything you see on TicToc. Go to a professional, we don't waste time on social media.

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