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Back health: Easy to do at home routine.

You can probably relate to the image above to some degree. If I had to choose the most common issue that we work on at Hadl Clinical Bodywork, it would Myoskeletal spinal issues. The fundamental problem is when you get a massage it loosens up these tight muscles but that does not address the strength issue that keeps your body going back to that position. A weak muscle tires quickly and thus shortens and stays tight. Here is a quick, at home workout to address some of these issues.

  1. Bird Dog

I love this particular exercise. Most people like to add movement to this but I prefer Isometric holds. I recommend holding this position for 30 seconds on one side and then switch to the other for 30 seconds. 1 x day for 2 weeks, then add another 15 to 30 seconds to build up to a minute. Ideally after 2-3 month you are up to 3 sets of 60 seconds holds on each side.

2. Spinal Rotation

This exercise addresses those areas between your shoulder blades. Again, I like to get it in the rotation position depicted in the bottom picture and hold this for 20 to 30 seconds. You can do rotation bringing the elbow up and down 20x and then switch sides.

3. Spinal Stretch

This is the best stretch. You can do like the picture or have your arms fully extended. The goal is to sink into the shoulder blades and stretch your thoracic spine. Hold the position for 60-120 seconds. repeat 2x daily.

I hope this help you out. Let us know what you think We'll see you soon.

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