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Create the HABIT of massage.

You may not typically think of massage as something that will help you on an on going basis. Most people tend to think of it as a luxury. Ohhhh A Massage! Such a splurge.

As more and more research comes in, we are finding the tool of massage can have a extraordinary impact on your overall health plan. First and foremost, you must decide to get healthy. Whether it's, working out or diet or yoga or meditation, etc... Than you add in your weekly massage!

The first benefit to creating the habit of a massage is the Mental and Physical relaxation. Covid and isolation has created a huge gap between stress and relaxation in many of our lives. The biggest change is people have forgotten how to relax in a productive healthy way. We've turned to drugs and alcohol which destroy the body. Creating the habit of getting a massage regularly can counter act these negative affects over time.

The second benefit is early detection of a problem. When someone outside of yourself is keeping track of your body's current state, it is easy for us to find potential injuries early and help guide you through them before it become is big medical expense.

These two benefits are much more than a luxury, these are a necessity to help you on the road to staying healthy. The benefits of a simple one hour massage, once a week can greatly reduce problems down the road. The ultimate question for you is, are you ready to create a good habit that will help you get healthy?

Everyone has an hour once week to relax. The next question for you is, Are you ready to schedule it?

Biological Benifits of massage include Lower Cortisol levels(stress hormone)

Lower Blood pressure

Decrease in inflammatory responses in the body

Musculoskeletal relaxation

Increase in systemic nutrients getting to where they need to go.

Etc.. Etc.. Etc... do you need more convincing? 

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