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Getting on your nerves! #nervegliding

Some of the tension that we can develope over time may not be a flexibility issue at all. You can develope "neural tension" in the muscle which will give you the perception that you need to stretch.

Traditional stretching may accidently touch this tension but there is a series of stretching that will specifically target these nerves and allow the muscles to stretch further with little effort.

Here are some links to facilitate this flexibility with the most common nerve issues:

Ulnar Nerve glide: affects upper back of the neck, back of the shoulder, bottom of elbow(funny bone), pinky and ring finger.

Radial Nerve glide: front side of neck, chest, front of shoulder, index finger and thumb.

Sciatic Nerve glide: lower back, hip, hamstring, calf, foot.

Hopefully this will help you in some way. If you need assistance in learning how to do these properly, our therapists are always here to help. Book a session today.

Please remember we can only grow with your help.

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