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Leg tightness causing your lower back pain

By now, most of you may be familiar with the Psoas (one of your Primary Hip Flexors). The picture above, on the left hand side shows you where you typically will feel the pain that is generated from a tight Psoas. The middle picture and the one on the right shows you where we have to push on it to release it. As you can tell, it is not the most pleasant muscle to have work done on.

The cool thing is, you can avoid having us work on it just by stretching it for 2 minutes on either side once a day. Here are a number of ways you can do this either on your own or just schedule online to have one of our therapists do it for you. Book today

This one can be done at home on the edge of your bed. It is pretty self explanatory. Just on the edge and let your leg drop while you hold the other leg. Hold it for 2 minutes and then switch legs.

This is an alternative way to stretch it if your back is in pain and you can't get on the ground or lay on your bed. Sit with your supporting leg on a chair with the leg you are stretching behind you. 2 minutes then switch.

There are a couple more ways to stretch this one muscle but I am just going to leave you with these 2 stretches. They are probably the easiest ones to perform. If you have any questions email us call or text us at 682-200-9817 or visit us at to schedule online.

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