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Low cost Pain Reliever

From time to time, this natural pain reliever always comes up in conversation. We typically look to medicine or medical professionals or google when we feel a pain that won't go away. Sometimes it is just the most of things.....Nutrition.

Your body is complicated. In simple terms, it's fluid, electrical signals, and chemical reactions. Your body needs the right mix of everything to function properly. The most basic nutrition deficit that we have is potassium. Potassium affects muscle contraction and relaxation. When it is low, muscles tighten and pull your structure (spine) into positions it does not like to be in creating mild pain that won't go away. It can also lead to muscle strains and pulls.

The solution:

Always try to get your nutrition fro. Food first. I personally use bananas or avacodos every day. Mix and match but try your best to get 100% daily.

The second way is to use stuff like Gatorade or Pedialyte. There are a litney of products on the market. A low sugar solution would be NUUN tablets that dissolve into your water. It's best to drink this during exercise or right before bed to help with recovery as you sleep.

The final way is suppliments. This should always be a last resort but they can help where basic nutrition fails.

This is a cheap pain relieving solution that will pay dividends. It also very easy to test it out.

Have a great week!

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