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Vassage! Video Massage Therapy services. #Covid-19

Many of you know by now that most massage therapy businesses have been shut down due to the Covid-19 out break. Some of you may consider this an essential service, some of you may not. Those that do consider this an essential service now have a viable option for that weekly massage session.

Starting this week, I will be offering Live Video massage instruction for anyone who may need it. I have always had this thought that anyone can do massage. Now I get to prove it.

If you are in need of therapy or just home and need a break, we can help you. It really is easy.

You just need the free app ZOOM conferencing and A partner to work on you and lotion. We will guide them step by step on what and how to do what we do. Text Nick Hadl at 817-308-9958 for more info and pricing or to schedule.

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