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Tennis Elbow fix

Epicondylitis, Also known as Tennis elbow is typically a repetitive, range of motion injury. At its core, it is just tendinitis of the elbow.

The treatment for early stage is ice and rest. Ice for 10 minutes every night and Rest until you can use it without pain.

Tennis players will typically push the limits on this by using a Tennis elbow strap which takes the pressure off the tendinitis to allow you to keep playing without pain. They do work and you can buy one on amazon for about $18.

Tennis Elbow Exercises:

  1. Forearm extentions-

Using a light weight, extend the hand up then relax down and repeat 20 times. Do this exercise 3 days week.

2. Forearm rotations-

Using a light weight, rotate the hand left and then right and repeat 20 times. Do this exercise 3 days week.

Extensor stretch:

Hold for 1 minute.....5-10 times a day....... everyday.

These are simple tricks to overcome our bad habits. Worse case generic, you go to the doc. and get a steroid injection. If you don't give up your activity, it will not go away on its own. We as therapists, can dig on it to force it to heal faster but it's painful and can take numerous treatments. Do what you can to make yourself better!

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